A New Orleans native, Amanda was lured to Ocean Springs by boat rides to the islands, the freshest seafood, and her husband Matt's fantastic family. Matt practices law and Amanda works as his paralegal whenever she manages to sync the naps of their almost-Irish-twins Annadele and Kasmira. Thankfully she employees a support staff of three canine nannies Honey Butters, Puddin, and Fozzie. See more from Amanda at her website, www.AmandaPavlov.com.
Mom Confession: I will never spank my children

Mom Confession: I Will Never Spank My Children

Love taps, that’s what I hear people call them sometimes. Oh, it’s nothing, just a little smack on the behind. He doesn’t understand anything else. Spanking stops the problem in the moment. It isn’t really...
Photography guide Fall Mini sessions Gulf Coast mom

Photography Guide: Fall Mini Sessions

The weather is finally cooling down. Pumpkin Spice is back on the menu. Could this finally be the year that you get your family holiday card mailed out before you take down the tree?...

Photography Guide: Christmas Minis

Ho-ho-holy fried cheese balls! It’s almost Christmas and you forgot to take a single framer this year. Fear not, these talented Gulf Coast photographers are still offering short and sweet sessions so you can...
Unicorn and mom

ISO a Mom Friend: There’s an App For That

The perfect mom friend — she’s a unicorn in a herd of perfectly nice horses. What gives her that distinguishing sparkling horn? Some of it is just happy circumstance. Instead of a gumdrop forest, she lives...

10 Comebacks to the Question “Was Your Pregnancy Planned?”

In case you missed the memo, prying about a person's reproduction plans isn’t cool unless that person is your partner. During my first pregnancy, someone I hadn’t seen in about five years decided she needed...

View From Behind the Lens

I’m too tough on myself. Maybe most Moms are. We feel pressured NOT ONLY to provide our children with Pinterest-perfect experiences BUT ALSO to document everything for the world to see. Sometimes I spend...

Strategies for Sufferers of OCTS (Overwhelming Compulsion to Touch Strangers)

Like most health issues primarily affecting women, the overwhelming compulsion to touch strangers (OCTS) lacks adequate research. As such, Science is yet to discover a reliable cure. Though offenders belong to all genders, victims...
alternative expletives

Shhh! 10 Alternative Expletives for Parents

Once I knew I was pregnant, I realized a lot was going to have to change. For instance, my signature karaoke song (2 Chainz, Where U Been), but less specifically, my loose lips. Soon...

Don’t Look Down :: The Truth about Postpartum Recovery

Raise your hand if you spent three hours in a class learning what birth would be like — including the drugs you could take to ensure you hardly experienced it at all — but...
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