April is a Mississippi native and has been a Coast resident since 2000. She and her husband, Neil, were married in 2001. In 2010, they welcomed their one and only child, Vaught, to the world and have been trying to keep up with his boundless energy and creativity ever since. April is a communications director at a local company and spends her time outside of work being a dancer’s mom, a football coach’s wife, an occasional blogger and an avid reader. She is not afraid of a dance floor or a karaoke machine, but only if they have the Beastie Boys. She is a Ravenclaw and Carrie Fisher is her hero. She is constantly narrating life in her head so, if you have ever met, there is a good chance you are a character in the story she is mentally writing.
Great Expectations of motherhood

Great Expectations: Reality of Motherhood

Originally published May 2018. I heard from a few mom friends this year that Mother’s Day was not quite what they expected. We all know that Mother’s Day is hard for a lot of people...
Baseball catcher

Too legit to quit?

Do you remember in the years before you became a parent – and maybe even sometimes after – that you would declare all of the things you definitely would or would not do as...

Cultivating book worms by reading with your little ones

Great books to read with your kids I spent my childhood reading with some of my favorite adults. I remember my father’s deep timbre as he read Little House on the Prairie books to my...
cookie day - a Christmas tradition

Cookie Day: A Christmas Tradition

Every December, for one day, my kitchen is filled with ever-present whir of a mixer, Christmas music and a cacophony of voices and giggles. The air is thick with flour particles, and the floor...
we gather together

Surviving Family Thanksgiving

Pass the potatoes, hold the politics. Thanksgiving with my family has never been a fraught event but, for many, it's all about surviving the holiday. For us, it’s been a day of stuffing our faces...
Mom Squad

Scouting Your Mom Squad

A few weeks ago, I headed out early on a Saturday to get photos and videos of some of my co-workers leaving to help restore electric service to residents of South Carolina after a...

Friday Night End Zone Club

Football season is finally here. If I close my eyes, I can hear the plastic crash of pads and helmets knocking together. I can feel the tiny bits of rubber from the turf on...
little boy eating watermelon in summer

Making the Most of Summer as a Working Mom

As I rushed back to my car, checking the time to see how late I would be getting to the office, I looked around and noticed the other moms. They were strolling to their...

My “Tony Danza” :: Dance Mom Truths

("Tiny Dancer" for those of you who aren’t fans of Friends. Both of you.) It’s dance recital week and that means my husband and I are spending our days trying to fit the rehearsal schedule...
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