Katie Presley

Katie grew up in Clinton, Mississippi, and has lived on the Gulf Coast for 24 years. She has taught for 20 years and has a masters degree in elementary education from William Carey University and a preschool certification from Ole Miss. Besides teaching preschool, she is the keeper of all schedules for her husband and three children. Katie enjoys watching her oldest play college baseball, her only daughter cheer for her varsity high school squad, and her “later in life” toddler do all things hilarious. Katie enjoys her daily devotion, writing, reading, shopping, being with family, and her daily dose of coffee.

Valentine’s Day Ideas from a Preschool Teacher and Mom

“Mommy, can you be my girlfriend?” my four year old son asks. “No, baby.  It does not work that way.” I explain. Although he does not quite understand the inferences that come along with Valentine’s Day,...

Is Your Mammogram Overdue? You Are Not Alone.

As I sat in the ultrasound room, there was an almost surreal feeling. My husband had come with me that day. I could not do this alone. Every second of the clock seemed to take...
Mom walking son to preschool

Helping Your Preschooler Get Ready for “Big School“

“You are your child’s first teacher.” I have taught for 22 years, and I do believe I have said this to parents for 22 years, as well. As a parent of a preschooler myself, I...

Dear Dad…

As Father’s Day approaches, I have been thinking about what to get for you and it is challenging to say the least. There have been years of gifts cards to Bass Pro Shop and Academy...

My Family-Approved Thanksgiving Menu + Recipes

My earliest memories of Thanksgiving are of being at my Mamaw’s in Forest, Mississippi.  All my cousins were there and there had to have been at least 20 people. She had two tables, one...
Shop Til You Drop: Dorm Room Edition

Shop Til You Drop: Dorm Room Edition

We moved our oldest child into a dorm in August of last year. There were many emotions that day, but I felt prepared for his big move. During Christmas break, I started researching and...
Senior with parents

Letting Go: Sending My Firstborn to College

Explaining what it is like to send one’s firstborn child off to college is almost impossible.  There are so many conflicting emotions. On one hand, I was immensely proud of him and knew he was...
Children's book day

Children’s Book Day

My earliest memories as a child are those spent with Eric Carle, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Ezra Jack Keats, and Harriet Beecher Stowe.  These authors shaped my perceptions of books, reading, and life in general. As...
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