Kelsie grew up in a small community called Big Level in Stone County, MS. She moved to Gulfport with her husband Keith seven years ago to begin her career teaching high school English, and ever since, her life has been a mash-up of family, work, and school— blending the slow life of Stone County roots with the faster pace of Gulfport. During her second year teaching, she returned to her Alma Mater, the University of Southern Mississippi, to earn her Master’s degree in English Literature, finishing the degree a month after giving birth to her first son Leon. Almost four years later, her son Ramsey was born, completing her little family. As a mother, Kelsie specializes in snuggling, applying Band-Aids, obnoxiously singing various kids’ songs, and watching the same movies dozens of times. She enjoys traveling, eating out, and laughing with her husband, and she loves to make the drive to Big Level to visit her family, and maybe even do a little fishing on Red Creek. She also relishes a free moment to grab a coffee (or two or three) and chat with friends in local coffee shops.

Mom Confession: I Didn’t Know My Child Had ADHD

He Surprised the Heck Out of Us My oldest son Leon was born on Easter Sunday, six and a half weeks premature. This information largely sums up my son: he surprised the heck out of...

When Baby’s Firsts are Parents’ Lasts

I just rocked my one-year-old son to sleep and then laid him down to finish his nap in his crib. This has been a commonplace act for me this last year, and normally I...

Family Vacation More Than Worth the Struggle

Vacations are supposed to be an opportunity to relax, experience new things, and just get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, family vacations have earned the reputation of being almost...

Life Lessons Learned from Riding a Bike

I have been teaching my son to ride a bike for the last eight months or so.  All of the mechanics of riding a bike that come to me as second nature have been...

Mom-Friends for the Win

Mom-Friend (noun) whose friendship is amplified by the shared experience of motherhood; the term is often applied to establish a heartfelt connection between two mothers that stems from a deep-rooted understanding of one another’s...

Baby to Adult :: We’ve Got to Get Them There

“We’re going to have a baby!”  Those are the words that I told my husband almost five years ago when I first learned I was pregnant with our first child.  I didn’t know it...

Postpartum Recovery is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Everyone can agree that pregnancy is a daunting experience. Forty weeks can feel like a lifetime punctuated by vast bodily changes that vary from exciting to downright miserable. It’s a marathon, and the finish...

Maternity Leave: You’re Not Letting Anyone Down

Maternity leave is not what a mother is “supposed” to think about when she realizes she is expecting. I don’t know that I have ever talked to anyone who admitted that one of their...
second child

I Wasn’t Ready for My Second Child, but That’s Okay

I’ve been a mother for the last four years, and some days I feel like I have it completely together. More often, I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water. But...
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