Originally from Memphis, TN, Robin has called Bay St. Louis home for the last 10 years. One of her favorite things about living on the coast is taking the long way on Highway 90 so she can enjoy the view of the beach. She and her husband Mark met at Mississippi State University and have been married since 2002. Robin taught elementary school before she and Mark added their 5 children (2 boys, 3 girls, ages 3-13) to the family. When she isn’t homeschooling the older 4, running after the 3 year old, folding laundry, cooking dinner, breaking up fights, nursing boo-boos, or driving to soccer/ballet/swim/piano/art lessons, Robin likes to run, sew, binge-watch old episodes of The Office or Grey’s Anatomy, and sing 80’s songs at the top of her lungs. She’s never considered herself a “typical girl” because she’d much rather eat Skittles than chocolate, watch a disaster movie than a romantic comedy, and drink a beer than a glass of wine. The BBC version of Pride and Prejudice? She’s never made it past the first hour, but she could sit and watch football all day long. Robin’s faith plays a central role in her life; she is an active participant in her church and in her denomination’s regional women’s ministry. In Robin’s eyes, the glass is always half full.

Christmas is Already Magical: Letting Go of the Mom Guilt

Confession: As I sit here typing on December 4, our tree stands naked in the living room, waiting to be decorated, our Elf on the Shelf is still in the box, and I have...

Homeschooling: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Part One)

In my last post, I answered some questions I hear frequently about homeschooling my children. In the next few posts, I'd like to share some personal experiences so you can get a feel for...

What About Socialization? Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschooling

Be honest, now.  Does the word homeschooling conjure up images in your mind of denim jumpers and socially awkward kids who aren't allowed to watch anything other than Little House on the Prairie (if their family...

Beyond the Books :: Gulf Coast Library Guide

Over 20 different branches comprise the Gulf Coast library systems, so wherever you live, there's a library close by! Think you'll only find books and DVDs? Guess again. Our library systems offer homeschool and...

You’re Not Alone, Mom :: Things We All Think But Are Afraid to Admit

It was about 2 o'clock in the morning. The baby had been crying for hours, and the only way to calm him was to pace the floor or nurse him.  I was sore, tired,...

I’m Giving My Kids Unlimited Screen Time This Summer

The question of how much, if any, screen time to allow our kids seems to be the bane of every 21st century parent’s life. Children are constantly asking to watch or play something! Meanwhile,...

Mom Truth :: I Don’t Like My Kid’s Favorite Activity

We’ve all been there. Maybe your daughter absolutely adores ballet, but you grew up playing soccer and don’t know anything about tights and tutus. Or perhaps your son wants to swim when you were...
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