Holiday Gift Guide: Subscription Boxes


Subscription box Holiday Gift guideHaving only experienced a few box subscriptions I sought out information only to find that there is a subscription box for just about any want, need or curiosity. Over the years as a family we’ve tried several subscriptions including: Birchbox, Stitch Fix, KiwiCo, Grove Collaborative and Groovebook. I’m jumping a little off course by mentioning Groovebook but I wanted to include it because it’s our longest-running “subscription” with 5+ years.


Kiwi co crate

KiwiCo. is our absolute favorite subscription box for the kids. The Panda Crate (0-24 months) is perfect for my one-year-old son. The toys and books are centered around a common theme and are developmentally appropriate. The items are simple yet attractive and so far each box has included a book to unify the theme and learning activities. By using the child’s birthday, the box is furthermore customized based on bonding in the early months, assisting with sensory discovery and as they grow older more hands-on activities to help with spatial awareness. The Koala Crate (2-4 years) is always an exciting arrival. My daughter (4) absolutely loves it; the projects are a great blend of learning and creativity. It is something fun we can do together but also easy enough for her to complete the activities with some independence. They also carry boxes for teens that focus on STEAM activities.


Photo credit: Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is a great way to try out new household products. Trying Mrs. Meyer’s products began a new obsession of the seasonal fragrances with their cleaning products, hand soaps, body wash, etc.

What I love about this subscription is getting to hand-select products to try. We love to be outdoors and, unfortunately, mosquitos love us as well. We have been using Murphy’s natural bug bite relief balm to help cut down on irritation and scratching. I also highly recommend the Murphy’s natural mosquito repellent incense sticks. There is so much to discover with Grove Collaboration. They also offer products that are natural and environmentally conscious. And you can have diapers delivered as well.


Photo credit: @ddreps, via Groovebook

Groovebook is my personal favorite and as mentioned earlier it is not a box subscription, but it is a way to preserve those precious photos we take on our phones. Groovebook was founded from a situation where a wife lost ALL her family pictures on her phone. I cannot even imagine losing pictures of first soccer games, birthdays and all those little moments we proudly store in the palm of our hand. Groovebook is so easy; you download an app and once a month you select the photos you want to upload to your book of 4×6 photos and then SURPRISE it shows up in your mailbox. I love having a physical copy of my most favorite photos. I also love that they are so easy to take out of the book for framing or sending to a grandparent.


Photo credit: Kidstir

These Kidstir kits are full of food, adventures and fun! The recipes are delicious and themed for each month. The steps are ready to follow. Add a sibling kit for $5 more!


Photo credit: Little Passports

Explore the world, one country at a time, with Little Passports’ fun and educational subscription! We love the World Edition box!

Pillow craftTell us your favorite!

Making this rainbow pillow was a hit! I am looking for suggestions! Let us hear from you about your favorite subscriptions and the ones you would suggest avoiding. I’m looking forward to hearing from our Gulf Coast moms!