Ultimate Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

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Ultimate gift guide for Mother’s Day Gulf Coast mom

Moms, we all have one; we all know one.  She may have birthed you, adopted you or cared for you as her own child. Her hugs are better than a blanket fresh out of the dryer. Her kisses make the worst boo-boos go away. And she’s the first friend you ever had.

Mom is special and there’s no one else out there quite like her. 

Mother’s day is the perfect day to show mom just how much she means to you. It’s that one day each year where the world should stop and yell, “Thanks, Mom!”

But how do we really show mom she’s more precious than rubies? Honestly, I don’t think it is possible to portray how much the mothers in our lives mean to us. But, we can start by making this Mother’s Day extra special.

Gifting mom a slow, easy day with her family and showering her with gifts (heart-felt and “extras” accepted) for her special day is a great place to begin.  

For a little gift-spiration keep reading. We’ve got you covered from self-care days, help with the “mom-load”, and just because gifts.  You can expect great Mother’s Day gift ideas for the New Mom, the Grand Mom, and YOUR mom…all approved by our local Gulf Coast moms.


TIME TO RELAX. Mothers work tirelessly night and day to care for their families and Momma. Is. Tired!  So give mom a break and gift her the time to take care of herself for once. This is can be as basic as a set of bath bombs or a mani/pedi at her fave local spot. But go one step above and actually carve out that time for her to relax and enjoy.

The beatnik mother day Gift guide

SOLO NIGHT AWAY. If mom is feeling extra tired and can never get enough sleep, I highly recommend a solo night’s stay for her the Coast’s new swanky boutique hotel, the Beatnik in downtown Ocean Springs. She can have the night to sleep, binge on reality TV, or finally read that book she’s had sitting on the nightstand. Go the extra mile by presenting the gift in a new weekender bag.

PEACE & QUIET. However, if a night away is just not feasible right now, at least let mom have a good long nap in the middle of the afternoon. Gift her this super soft (and washable) satin sleep mask and a new set of sweet pajamas and leave the house with the kids for the afternoon.

Ip Casino Senses Spa Mother’s Day Gift guideSPA RECHARGE DAY. For the mom that needs a recharge, spa-type services are highly recommended. A spa day at one of the Coast’s many casinos is a great place to start, especially if you aren’t sure what services to pair together. We highly recommend the Senses Facial from Senses Spa & Salon, located inside the IP Casino Resort Spa. Go ahead and stay the night, enjoy the pool and get a good night’s rest!

If you know mom is more of a “personal space” kinda gal but still wants the pampering, you can find some great “hands-off” spa services at Planet Beach in Gulfport. To make the choice even easier for her, purchase a gift card and she can choose from massage water tables, automated facials, to infrared yoga sessions.

Another personal favorite are the recovery services at Hardin Sports Medicine & Performance. They have a cryotherapy chamber, infrared sauna with light therapy, and a sensory deprivation float pod. Several moms have been multiple times and it’s top on their list!

Friends enjoying brunch at Brick and spoon
Photo credit: Brick & Spoon Biloxi

TIME WITH FRIENDS. Maybe the mom you are gifting this Mother’s Day is feeling depleted in her social life. The best remedy is good food, cocktails, and girlfriends! The Brick & Spoon in Biloxi has you covered for brunch and tasty drinks, you just provide mom with a morning out and a gift card perfect for sharing laughter with her closest friends.


Shabizzy bee cleaning service Mother’s Day Gift guideCLEANING FAIRY. Show mom the love this Mother’s Day by checking items off her to-do list. Dishes, bathrooms, counters, floors…check! For the mom that never sits down because she is constantly cleaning, we have the best idea… hire a cleaning fairy! This can be a one-time service or a regularly scheduled service to fit your needs. Shabizzy Bee Cleaning Service is an up and coming cleaning service on the Coast and they have been generous enough to sponsor a 4-hour cleaning for one lucky mom! 

And if you need more mom’s helper ideas, check out these options:


Gulf coast mom t-shirtsDISPLAY IT ON A SHIRT. Moms love to tell the world they are moms! Gulf Coast Mom has partnered with Rosebud Creations Screen Printing and Embroidery to design shirts for mom and kids! Order yours today!

SENTIMENTAL GIFTS. From a handmade card to a random item from the grocery, moms love it when Mother’s Day gifts come from the heart. We love personalized gifts and quality time with the fam.

Mama necklace Mother’s Day Gift guide
Photo credit: The Cotton Patch

Below are some top picks from our Gulf Coast moms: 


As much much as we have talked about giving mom want she may need this Mother’s Day, it’s just as important to consider the things she may just want. You know what I mean. It’s not necessarily a gift that will make her life easier, or give more time in her day, but it will light up her face because it’s something she’s had her eye on.  It could be a splurge on new brows or a charbroiled oyster grill pan she’s been raving about.

Bogg bag Mother’s Day Gift guide
Photo credit: The Cotton Patch

Check out these top “just because” gifts local moms love: 

MAKE HER FEEL SPECIAL. And at the end of the day, finding the perfect gift for mom comes down to making her feel seen and heard. If you gift her time away, please, don’t call asking where you keep the kids’ socks. Listen to her cues about what she’s into or the mention of “that’d be nice to have” and try to find the gift to fill her cup.

Whether you are a mom shopping for another mom this Mother’s Day or a spouse shopping for your children’s mother, I hope we helped you find something extra special to surprise your mom with this year. She deserves it!

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